About Pavel

I started out as a landscape photographer, but as time passes I have been using photography more to describe my thoughts, ideas, moods, interests, views, attitudes, sense of humour and perception of the world around me.

My inspiration comes increasingly from modern visual art and less so from photographs alone. The advent of photography forced painters to abandon total reliance on true-to-life paintings and encouraged them to use their images to express their ideas, thoughts and emotions. I think we photographers are now faced with a similar situation, as billions of cellphone images are crowding us out of representational photography. I welcome this shove.

I like to keep my eyes open and to photograph whatever catches my attention or imagination. Photography is about communication with viewers. I try to capture and process my images to show viewers why I created my artwork. That is my “storytelling”. I try to tell different stories through my images and so I must continually change the way I capture and process my images to fit the story I wish to tell.

My primary motivation in photography is continuing artistic creative growth and understanding. For me, it means growth in art knowledge and appreciation, as well as growth in my ability to produce strong personal and creative images. I recognize I need to continue to improve technically and in composition to achieve my primary goal of growing artistically and being able to successfully convey my ideas through my artwork. Growth is a lifelong process for me, punctuated by the images I create along the way. Fortunately, I will never arrive at my destination. Please walk with me and visit the places, experiences and ideas I explored on my journey.

© Pavel Muller 2017