Abstracts & Details

What are Abstracts & Details?

The images I place here are either not representational or my intent was to highlight the colours shapes and textures and not the representational meaning or the images are close-ups and the representational meaning is thus diluted or irrelevant

A Book, a Wall and a Shadow P7130099
A crab frm, Beiruti cafe, Toronto, April 2016P4100121_openWith
A curve DSC4808
A Long Haired Beauty P8180125
An Unintended Sculpture, Manhattan, July 2017 P6290021
Awnings bw frm, Inveraray, Scotland, May 20155240360
Blood Vessels 2 frm, Beiruti cafe, Toronto, April 2016P4100121_openWith
Blue Flame P8240252
Broken weeds and a fence rev, near Stoufville, Ontario, February 2015 DSC4383
Bubbles WP 20140126 07 39 40
Dancer P7270141
Flames P8210153
Moonlight fantasy frm, Beiruti cafe, Toronto, April 2016P4100121_openWith
Movement in Blue P8210253
I am confused period frm, Beiruti Cafe, Toronto, April 2016
Splatter Art P6280024
Striking gold P4100107
Thinking of a Pink Cow, PA220289
Turners Shoulder P8210110

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